Everybody has their days, or weeks, where everything seems to be going wrong. You have two choices: believe that it will get better or sit and soak in the negative energy you are creating. These are the ten things to do in order to take the positive approach.

1. Dance: There is no better feeling in the world than when one of your favorite songs comes on and you blast the music and sing and dance around your apartment. I always keep a set of speakers in the kitchen because then you can hear the music through every room. Keep a playlist handy with your favorite songs that inspire you to be better. See my list of favorites here!

2. Have a Happy Purchase: This doesn’t need to be something expensive. My personal favorite is flowers. Just a small bouquet of colorful flowers is around $5 and they can brighten your whole week. Pick something that suits you and your lifestyle, whether that’s candy, flowers or a new album or a book.

3. Don’t Stay Inside: Going on walks can be one of the most beneficial things in the world. Put your phone on airplane mode so you have no distractions (but can still listen to music!) and walk until your mind is cleared. Plus the Vitamin D from the sun will improve your mood, too!

4. Don’t Be Alone: Everybody has their “person” in life. Go see that person or call them. Laughter truly is the best medicine and it will take your mind off the stress or whatever is upsetting you.

5. Meditate: Taking fifteen minutes to sit upright and tall, legs crossed and hands open and facing the sky (half lotus pose for my fellow yoga fanatics) just to think and reflect on the decisions in your life can really improve your mindset on your life. Tell yourself that you are beautiful and strong. Breathe in the positive energy surrounding you and exhale any negative thoughts. Close your eyes and imagine your favorite color is surrounding you and will be at all times protecting you from negative spirits around you.

6. Make a List: Making to-do lists or goal lists is one of the healthiest things you can do, but make sure it is realistic. Tackle the hardest things first and you will not only feel accomplished, but also you will adopt an “I can do anything” attitude.

7. Drink Tea: Trust me, I love my coffee, too, but the caffeine and sugar can cause you to have the opposite mindset than that which you are trying to create. Tea has so many health benefits, especially with lemon. Pick out your favorite tea in a big mug and snuggle up with a blanket and your favorite movie or book and enjoy the moment you’re in.

8. Create: Creating something can make you not only feel accomplished, but can also calm you down. This can mean anything, really. Take out an old cook book and make your favorite recipe, or see a few of mine here. Make a new canvas for your wall or simply paint a mason jar for your desk. See some other options I have in my crafting ideas.

9. Clean: This might be the OCD in me coming out, but cleaning always makes me feel more at peace. If there is a mess around you, you are more likely to feel stressed. Take twenty minutes to just straighten up; make your bed, put a load of laundry in and put the blow dryer back under the sink and you’ll feel much more calm.

10. Take Time for Yourself: In this life, it is so easy to give your time away to everyone, but you’re forgetting the most important person, you. Take ten minutes every day to appreciate the spirit within yourself and love the person that you are. If there is something that you want to change about yourself for the better, use this time to make a plan of attack. Acknowledge nothing changes overnight and this will take time and allow yourself that time. Give yourself credit for all the good you do on this earth and continue to do so in the future. Love yourself.




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