Cubs vs. Nationals

For the first time in his major league career, Anthony Rizzo took the second batting spot and it proved to be a smart decision on Dale Sveum’s part based on his two homeruns of the night. Yet, this still wasn’t enough to get the Cubs to win against the Nationals, falling 11 to 6. After his second homer off Ross Ohlendorf, the Cubs began a five run rally in the fifth inning to tie the game, but it was pretty downhill from there.

Starlin Castro became the leadoff hitter after expressing his disappointment in batting eighth for the first time since his rookie season last night. He went 1-5 in tonight’s game.

Not that I usually care much for whoever we’re playing, but there was a bit of a fan section for brand new Nationals’ pitcher Tanner Roark. Roark grew up in Wilmington, Illinois so basically one whole section of the bleachers was filled with posters, shirts and chants with his name from family and friends.  He pitched through the fifth and sixth innings, giving up 5 runs. After being pulled up to the majors on August 7th of this year, he is now 3-0. This just made me happy.

The Cubs, as usual, have a lot to work on. Maybe the small changes within batting order will help to begin this process. To be honest, it wasn’t one of our better or most exciting games, but spending the night with Jules made it one to remember.



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