How to Stay Organized This Year

I know most of us are starting classes this week or at least sometime soon, so I thought a post on staying organized, starting from day one, would be super beneficial. Plus my OCD is, like, through the roof so this will hopefully give me a hint of sanity without needing to go pop a Xanax or something. Anyways. Here are a few ideas on how to stay on your A game (pun intended) this year.

1. Use a Planner: Finding a planner that fits your needs is pretty difficult. Some have too much room, some doesn’t have enough and for me, if it’s not pretty, I don’t want it. So I am proud and so excited to say I am now a campus rep for MayDesigns. They have the best personalized planners and other books and cards. Message me for a discount code!

2. Take Notes: I know syllabus week is a huge blow off and our main concern is which bar to hit up that night, but take the 50 minutes that you have to be sitting there anyways and write down what you hear. Your professor will most likely be giving you some hints as to how to succeed in the class and that might be more valuable than any other info you’ll get all year.

3. Utilize your Time: It’s so easy to get sidetracked and go on Facebook for two hours instead of writing a paper or studying for a test, but if you get the work done first, you’ll feel ten times better and less stressed. Finish what matters and then you’ll have all the time in the world rather than having the project in the back of your head.

4. Take Personal Time: Don’t forget to take time for yourself. Take a bubble bath or download some new music. Unplug from the world and relax so you feel at peace and you’ll be able to take on anything.

5. Go Out: As much as I’m stressing personal time and homework, let’s remember that we’re talking about college. Go out on a random night and get drinks with your friends even though you’re tired. You will never regret a night out in college, I promise.

6. Set a New Goal: Wether that goal is to work out, eat healthier, maintain a GPA or save a certain amount of money, make a goal and set a way to get there. I’m going to post some great workouts and healthy recipes this week, so look out for those!

Whatever it is that you’re going to do this year, do it with every ounce of you. Make this year the best yet and be open to every possibility that life has to offer you. But, most of all, love the person you’re becoming through it all.



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