Something I’ve been pondering lately is how we, as human beings, let other human beings make or break our day and it is so bizarre to me. Doing small things like opening a door for someone, smiling at someone walking past you or introducing yourself to someone new can make our entire day, but then on the other hand, ignoring someone, saying something hurtful or forgetting something important to another person can make us feel unimportant or let down.

But why can’t we make our own happiness? If you think about it, we’re the only ones who truly know how to make ourselves happy.  No one else in the world knows the things that make your soul rejoice or your heart smile, so why wouldn’t you do those things for yourself?  Start your morning with your favorite coffee, even if that means waking up five minutes earlier. Download the new music you’ve been wanting and listen to it while you’re on a walk or take an hour to do yoga or go workout. Whatever makes us happy, why don’t we just do it? Instead, we just let other people’s words and actions bear this heavy weight on our minds and waste our precious energy and a day goes by that we could have used on bettering ourselves.

I’m going to challenge myself to do at least one more thing each day that makes me happy. When someone does something that I think could have the potential to ruin my day, or a thought comes into my head that could possibly bring me down, I’m going to add another “happy.” My hope is that all the “happies” will just add up so the “sads” will be so small that I won’t even notice them anymore. Food for thought!




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